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Merged Mechlord Mammoth Aegis (X Rare Special Pack Vol. 2) (BSS02-044) [Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards]


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Set Name: Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards
Card Number: BSS02-044
Release Date: TBA
Rarity: Promo
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 8
Color: White
Spirit Type: Machine Beast
Flavor Text: On the verge of death, they dragged the Voidlord to the edge and used the weight of their own massive body to pull it into the depths.
[LV I] [LV II] When Summoned

Draw a card if you have fewer cards in your hand than your opponent has in theirs.

Place a core from the void into your life if you have less life than your opponent.

[LV II] During Opponent's Turn

When this spirit is exhausted, select one of your opponent's spirits that costs 5 or fewer and return it to their hand.

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