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Sleepless Guardian Frost Tiger (SPR) (BSS03-049) [Aquatic Invaders]


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Set Name: Aquatic Invaders
Card Number: BSS03-049
Release Date: 2023-10-27
Rarity: Special Rare
Cost: 7
Color: White
Spirit Type: Machine Beast
Flavor Text: Was it fate that the guardian of Frost's sacred lands departed amid the Barrage, or was it simply a coincidence?
[LV I] [LV II] During Opponent's Attack Step
This spirit can block your opponent's spirits without a (soul core) on them even if exhausted.

[LV I] [LV II] When This Spirit Blocks
This spirit gains 1000 BP during this turn.

[LV II] During Your Attack Step
At the start of the step, select one of your spirits with a "When This Spirit Blocks" effect for each Diamond Sanctuary you control. During this turn, the selected spirits cannot be blocked by your opponent's spirits that cost 6 or fewer.

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