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❶ One starter deck is all you need to start the game!
A complete set that includes all the pre-constructed deck, play sheet, rules manual, and energy markers! Even if you have never played the game before, you can start playing right away by purchasing one of the starter decks!

❷ New black color and lots of new characters!
The new black deck adds new mechanisms that further expand the strategy of the deck! Numerous new characters previously not included in the series have joined the game!

❸ One special pack per set!
The cards included in the Starter Deck have been powered up to holo Alt-art cards! A total of seven cards available, and you are guaranteed to get one of them!

❹ Promotion code for the digital version!
A promotion code for the digital version of the product is also included in the package!
We will liven up Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World with a special promotion where customers can get a digital pack of the game in addition to the products they purchase!

• Ready-to-play Deck ×1 (51 cards)
• Energy marker x1
• Play Sheet x1
• Alternative - Design Card Pack (1 card) x1

★ Leader x 1
★ Common x 13
★ Super Rare x 2
*16 types

Please note: You are pre-ordering a product that is expected to ship on August 9, 2024. The last day to cancel pre-orders for this product is July 5, 2024. No cancelations will be honored after this date. The Booster Box reserves the right to cancel pre-orders at any time.

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