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Beginning Observer - Adventure Box 2024 [BT16]


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Set: Beginning Observer Sealed
Release Date: 2024-05-24
A new gate to adventure opens. The Digimon Adventure Box 2024 includes four Beginning Observer [BT16] booster packs, two alt-art promo cards, and one limited edition 1.2 inch figure.

It comes with one 1.2 inch limited edition figure that can be placed on the memory gauge to use as a memory counter! (6 types in total)

• Veemon

• Wormmon

• Hawkmon

• Gatomon

• Armadillomon

• Patamon

Each Adventure Box 2024 contains two of six alt-art promo cards!

• P-117 Veemon

• P-118 Wormmon

• P-119 Hawkmon

• P-120 Gatomon

• P-121 Armadillomon

• P-122 Patamon

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